Practical Programming for Strength Training, 3rd edition

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by Mark Rippetoe & Andy Baker

Practical Programming for Strength Training 3rd Edition explains how to evaluate, modify, and create effective strength training programs for lifters at all levels of performance.

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Practical Programming for Strength Training, 3rd edition

There is a difference between Exercise and Training. Exercise is physical activity for its own sake, a workout done for the effect it produces today, during the workout or right after you’re through. Training is physical activity done with a longer-term goal in mind, the constituent workouts of which are specifically designed to produce that goal. Training is how athletes prepare to win, and how all motivated people approach physical preparation.

Practical Programming for Strength Training 3rd Edition addresses the topic of Training. It details the mechanics of the process, from the basic physiology of adaptation to the specific programs that apply these principles to novice, intermediate, and advanced lifters.

  • Each chapter completely updated
  • New illustrations and graphics
  • Better explanations of the proven programs that have been helping hundreds of thousands of lifters get stronger more efficiently
  • Expanded Novice chapter with the details of 3 different approaches to the problem of getting stuck and special approaches for the underweight and overweight trainee
  • Expanded Intermediate chapter with 18 separate programs and 11 detailed examples
  • Expanded Advanced chapter with detailed examples of 9 different programs
  • Expanded “Special Populations” chapter with example programs for women and masters lifters training through their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s
  • Day-to-day, workout-to-workout, week-by-week detailed programs for every level of training advancement
  • The most comprehensive book on the theory and practice of programming for strength training in print

Printed in a new larger format for better display of the programs, PPST3 will be an important addition to your training library.

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1 review for Practical Programming for Strength Training, 3rd edition

  1. Alexander Hill

    This deserves a review from at least 1 person. I have bought a copy of this book in print and the audible edition. The audible edition being narrated by none other than the man himself, Mark Rippetoe.

    I’m telling you the information in this book is something you can find yourself. All you have to do is search countless hours on the internet, or talk on a forum to various internet “lifting experts” while comparing what they’ve said to numerous reputable sources (whatever those are.)

    You can do all those things (which I’ve done) and trade your time for a lot of jumbled information that you can piece together yourself and find when it applies to you and your lifting lifestyle. Or, you can buy this book.

    This books will give you all the information you’ll need up to an advanced level of lifting and save you your valuable time. You could waste time sifting through sand for broken glass, bottle caps, and cat turds. Or you can buy this gold nugget for $25.

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