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  • Book discount - books are automatically discounted by 20% when the product total in your cart is greater than $60.
  • Free shipping - US orders of $75 or more qualify for free shipping. Free shipping uses the most economical rate and this depends on the specific items in your order.


All orders are in US dollars.

Orders require information to conform to the security checks mandated by credit processors, account issuers, and industry standards.

Credit cards

IMPORTANT: To successfully place an order:

  1. your basic cardholder information must be verified. This includes name, credit card number, expiration date, and card verification number
  2. your billing address must be verified. Please enter the correct billing address.
  3. you must have an adequate amount of credit to place the order

If your order is rejected, please take note of the error message. Double-check your entries. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact us and we'll let you know if the error message has additional information. Credit card companies often place temporary holds even when an order is rejected. These are not charges - no order is created when your card is declined and no charge is created. Holds expire according to your card issuer's policy. 

Please note that if you submit multiple orders - either by hitting the back button or by multiple attempts - your card issuer may place additional holds. Some systems do this even if the order is rejected and the charge cannot be completed. Holds expire over time, but please contact us if you think there is a problem and we'll check it for you.

Mailed check

Please send your check to The Aasgaard Company, 3118 Buchanan St, Wichita Falls, TX 76308. Checks should be made out to "The Aasgaard Company" and include the order number and/or the order confirmation.

Check orders are not complete until payment is received. This means that orders are not shipped and spaces at events are not secured until we receive your check.


Please note that due to service disruption since March 2020 all mail services are being delayed domestically and internationally. At the same time, mail orders have dramatically increased. USPS and other carriers have suspended service guarantees and normal estimates for delivery timelines are extended. These delays are outside our control. The shipping industries are working against a large backlog at the same time they are slowed by new government restrictions, much slower processing across borders, employees at home sick, and constantly changing infection control measures.

International mail transport disruptions: Instead of normal air transport to other countries, USPS is currently batching mail bound for overseas locations, transporting them to ports and sending batches to central receiving locations. For example for the Sixth Air to Sea Diversion, batches from NY, Chicago, and California are aggregated in Miami, Fl and shipped to the Netherlands for distribution to a subset of European countries. This process involves weeks for collection, followed by ~3 weeks ocean transport, and then transport in the EU. For more information, please see USPS's International Service Alerts

We ship via US Mail through Stamps.com and offer rates and services calculated for your order based on weight and dimensions.

International shipping options are in partnership with mail service in the receiving country. The USPS does not deliver the mail, but passes it on to services such as Canada Post and Royal Mail. Packages ship through Chicago, IL and you will see a scan there as they leave the USA. If your country does not update the tracking record in a timely manner, this may be the last scan shown before it is delivered, even though it is no longer in Chicago or the USA. To check on your package, your best option is to contact your mail service and request information within your home country.

Customer pickup - merchandise can be picked up locally in Wichita Falls instead of shipped. Select this option if you are in town at an event or passing through at Wichita Falls Athletic Club. All local pickup is made at 3118 Buchanan St, Wichita Falls, TX 76308.

Packages are shipped out by the next business day.


Tracking information is emailed to the email address reported in the order. The email comes directly from Stamps.com. Please note that this may be routed to your spam folder so look for it there. If you cannot locate it, please contact us to request a copy.

Please note that tracking practices differ depending on type of mail service and, in the case of international mail, the mail service that completes the delivery. For example, Priority Mail records more scan points than Media Mail and First Class Mail Packages. Note that shipments are not being "held" within the postal system - the lack of additional scan points before delivery simply reflects frequency of scans. A package that is being held at an office will specifically be listed as on hold.

In the case of international mail, your country may not report scans directly to our systems. It is a good practice to ask your local mail service about their delivery procedures and check in to see if they may be holding an item.


Sales taxes are collected for sales in Texas for merchandise at the mandated rate of 8.25%.

Sales taxes do not apply to events.

International: Orders shipped to other countries may be subject to local taxes and customs fees. These are the responsibility of the buyer. Since customs and taxes are generally brokered through the delivering mail service, it is advisable to check with them to see if there are additional charges based on your local tax jurisdiction.

Return Policy

Items may be returned if arranged within 5 days of receipt. Please contact us at customer service promptly to make arrangements. Upon return of the item(s) in new condition the purchase price less the credit processsing and 10% restocking fee will be credited to the customer's credit account or mailed as check (as applicable). Items returned due to mail refusal or invalid address will be subject to the same deductions plus any return shipping charges and the full amount of the cost of initial shipment if the item was shipped at no added cost. A buyer may elect instead to pay for the item to be reshipped.

Event & Subscription Policies

Tickets for events are not refundable. Tickets may be transferred to another party by notification from the original purchaser. Please see Terms and Conditions of Sale.

If you expect disruptions due to your schedule or any other reason, you should investigate travel insurance. Check first with your credit card company as some credit cards have built-in coverage. If your purchases are not covered automatically, or if you need upgraded coverage, eg the ability to "cancel for any reason," you can look for coverage online. One central source is Travel Insurance.com

Starting Strength Seminars may also be transferred to a different Starting Strength Seminar according to the Terms and Conditions agreed on before sale. Please refer to this agreement or contact us for more assistance.

Please refer directly to the Coach Prep Course terms & conditions agreed on before sale.

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