StrengthCon I

The Starting Strength Convention

April 6-8, 2018

The Forum, 2120 Speedway, and The Wichita Falls Athletic Club, 3118 Buchanan St. Wichita Falls, Texas

StrengthCon I


Price: $299.00


The first Starting Strength Convention is an opportunity for users and fans of the Starting Strength Method to meet up, train, and learn from the Starting Strength Staff and SSCs in Wichita Falls, Texas, home of The Aasgaard Company and The Wichita Falls Athletic Club. This will be a social event only, with a little training, but one that is sure to be an important learning experience and a memorable occasion for everybody who manages to be there.

The event will run from Friday at 3pm to Sunday at 3pm, and will feature speakers on various topics, including Jonathon Sullivan MD PhD SSC etc., Matt Reynolds, Darin Deaton DPT, Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness, SS Seminars Staff Coaches Niki Sims, Nick Delgadillo, Tom Campitelli, Michael Wolf, as well as John Petrizzo DPT, Rori Alter DPT, Andy Baker, Nick D'Agostino, Robert Santana RD, Angie Bryant, PA-C, Rip, and everyone's favorite after-dinner speaker Bill Been. The venue will have a cash bar both Friday and Saturday nights, and vendors will be displaying goods and services all weekend.

WFAC will be available all weekend for training on a scheduled basis, so you can experience strength training in the birthplace of the Starting Strength Method. SSCs will supervise your training at no additional charge. Registration for your slot will take place after sign-up on the website. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet a potential coach, and get errors corrected, questions answered, and back on track with your training.

This is the first time we have hosted a large event that is open to pretty much everybody. There will be no opportunity to test for the credential, because the purpose of the whole sordid affair is just to have fun. Attendance will be capped at 200, and it will sell out quickly, so get your ticket now.

The event hotel is The Baymont Inn, 4501 Kell W Blvd, 76309,  940 691-7500  Ask for the Starting Strength rate.


The Schedule:


  • 2:00  Registration begins at The Forum
  • 3:00  Welcome by Rip
  • 3:30  “Barbell Training is Big Medicine” – Jonathon Sullivan MD PhD SSC, etc.
  • 4:30  Medical Panel Q&A – Jonathon Sullivan MD PhD SSC, Matthew Akin MD, Angie Bryant SSC PA-C
  • 5:30  Keynote Speaker: Brett McKay – Strength Training in Popular Culture
  • 6:00  Break for dinner (and private whiskey tasting with Rip and Reynolds at The Forum, 6:30, raffle at registration)
  • 7:00  Mixer – Cash Bar at The Forum until Midnite


  •   9:00  Diagnostics: When to Ask a Doctor – John Petrizzo DPT
  • 10:00  Rehabbing Injuries with Strength Training – Darin Deaton DPT
  • 11:00  Chronic Pain and Barbell Training – Nick D'Agostino SSC
  • Noon  Injury Panel Q&A – Darin Deaton, John Petrizzo, Nick D'Agostino, Rori Alter DPT
  •   1:00  Lunch
  •   2:00  Programming: Seniors – Jonathon Sullivan MD and Andy Baker SSC
  •   2:45  Programming: 4-day split vs Texas Method – Matt Reynolds SSC
  •   3:30  Programming Panel Q&A – Matt Reynolds, Jonathon Sullivan, Andy Baker
  •   4:00  Nutrition 101 – Robert Santana RD
  •   5:00  Nutrition Panel Q&A – Robert Santana RD, Angie Bryant PA-C, Michael Wolf SSC
  •   5:30  Fluffing for Bill Been – Niki Sims SSC
  •   6:00  Break
  •   7:00  Catered Dinner – Branding Iron, and Everyone's Favorite After-Dinner Speaker Bill Been
  •   8:00  Cash Bar at The Forum until Midnite


  •   9:00  The Starting Strength App – Focus Group with developer Mick Solomons
  •   9:30  Online Coaching – Matt Reynolds SSC
  • 10:30 The Intellectual Linear Progression – Scott Hambrick SSC, Karl Schudt SSC, Bill Coyne SSC
  • 11:00  Online Coaching Panel Q&A – Matt Reynolds, Niki Sims
  • Noon  Lunch
  •   1:00  Keynote Speaker: Rip – Starting Strength: Where We Came From, Where We Are, Where We’re Going
  •   1:45  Rip (and Staff) Q&A – Rip, Matt Reynolds, Tom Campitelli, Nick Delgadillo, Niki Sims, Michael Wolf
  •   3:00  Rip Closing Remarks


Training at WFAC:

Training will be available in 2-hour blocks, limit one block per attendee, and with a 30-person limit on each block. First come, first served, so sign up early to get your preferred slot. SSCs will be on hand to help with your technique and answer questions. Time limits will be strictly enforced, so plan accordingly.

Slots available:


  1. 10 am – Noon
  2. Noon – 2 pm
  3. 2 pm  – 4 pm
  4. 4 pm – 6 pm


  1. 10 am – Noon
  2. Noon – 2 pm

**You will be contacted after sign up to fill out your training slot preferences**



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