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March 10th, 2013

This was one of the best educational experiences in my life of two Master’s degrees and a partially completed Doctoral degree. Fantastic and accessible presentation of biomechanics. Please come to my school and fire the biomechanics instructor.

SS Seminar Attendee from Monrovia, California
November 28th, 2013

I attended a Level I: Performance seminar and thought it was fantastic!

Coaches are extremely knowledgeable as well as terrific at delivering the seminar material during both the lecture and practical portions of each session.

Along with learning how to fix lifts I was not performing well, I also picked up tips on how to better perform lifts I considered strong prior to the seminar. I was never bored and always learning.

In addition, it was immediately recognized that "racking" a Power Clean would be problematic given my biomechanics, so I was instead taught to perform the Split Snatch as a suitable training replacement. I was very impressed that such a customized adjustment to the seminar was made that quickly, done that well, and that the coaches were happy to make the change for just a single attendee out of several.

Whether you are a novice or experienced lifter, or a professional trainer or coach, I believe you will find a Starting Strength Seminar well worth your time. The seminar was the best I’ve ever attended.

Dave from Twin Cities, Minnesota - United States
March 31st, 2013

The seminar is on par with undergraduate and graduate coursework I have taken, in its clear building of a topic: from model to practice to mastery. All lectures and “labs” were presented in an extraordinarily logical way.

SS Seminar Attendee from Westminster, Maryland - United States
September 13th, 2013

Ever been to a perfunctory seminar where you get credit for warming a seat and come away with a certificate to hang on your wall? A Starting Strength Seminar is the exact opposite of that. The quality of the instruction is very high, a lot of information (theoretical and practical) is presented, and each participant gets to both lift and coach the lifts. Familiarize yourself with the relevant material, then attend a seminar and learn the presented information as thoroughly as you can. If you do this, you obtain more knowledge about strength training in a single weekend than most trainers, lifters, and athletes will obtain in a lifetime. This is no exaggeration.

Rus from Cheshire, Connecticut - United States
April 14th, 2013

Content was thorough and very clearly presented. As a coach, the teaching models and clear, concise, and direct coaching method is so helpful and effective. Being coached by the different seminar staff, each with their unique feedback, was extremely beneficial. The practical sessions broke up the seated lectures very well so there wasn’t down time or fluff.

SS Seminar Attendee from Brooklyn, New York
July 14th, 2013

Excellent opportunity to learn the lifts from the best. This info is not available anywhere else and with this level of detail and authority.

The coaches were all great. The corrections on the platform were the main reason for attending, however the lectures were much more valuable than I anticipated - particularly the first night.

SS Seminar Attendee from Denver, Colorado
April 11th, 2013

My wife and I had a great experience at the Squat Seminar held at Crystal Coast Strength and Conditioning. Jordan and Mac were friendly and extremely knowledgable in all aspects of the squat. I have squatted for years but I wanted to do it right, and the camp definitely helped me get there. We spent lots of time under the bar and coaching others, which really helped me prepare for the upcoming Starting Strength Seminar. My wife, a complete beginner, was welcomed with open arms and really did well under Mac and Jordan's instruction. 185 on the deadlift for a first timer! Again, great day spent, I would recommend to anyone, novice through elite. Thanks to all including Jillian who was very warm and hospitable We will see you again!

Dan and Rana from Raleigh , North Carolina - United States
May 19th, 2013

I’ve been to every seminar and conference known to mankind, including at least 4 from USA Weightlifting. The justification of the rationale (for performing the lifts this way) was bulletproof. Anytime I speak, I like to give people things they can use and why. This seminar was the standard in that respect!

SS Seminar Attendee from Newport, North Carolina
February 10th, 2013

This was the most fun and educational seminar I’ve been to. Finally some people that have a clear knowledge of physics/mechanics of the lifts are, and the ability to convey it. Much more effective instruction than other seminars I’ve attended.

SS Seminar Attendee from Redmond, Washington
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