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Squat & Deadlift : Sunday, July 7, London UK

Coaches: Pete Troupos, Niki Sims, and Carl Raghavan

Date & Location:
Sunday, July 7, 2019
12:30 pm - 18:30

Red Sun CrossFit
195 Bancroft Rd
Bethnal Green, London E1 4ET
Map & Directions

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Price: $325.00


Spend your Sunday learning the theory and practice of the low bar back squat and the deadlift with Starting Strength Coaches Pete Troupos, Niki Sims, and Carl Raghavan.

The camp will begin with a lecture focused on the basics of the squat and will include a discussion of the Starting Strength model of the lift, including the anatomy and forces at work in its execution.  We will move into a practical session with plenty of time under the bar for all the lifters. Participants will have an opportunity to put into practice the concepts addressed in the lecture while receiving coaching through their warm up and work sets. Through the entire process, attendees will learn the hallmarks of a properly executed squat and how it should look and feel when it is performed correctly.  Participants will go through the practical portion of the squat and then take a short break.

Following the break, the coaches will discuss the Starting Strength model of the deadlift and the anatomy and mechanics involved in the pull. After the lecture, lifters will learn the 5-steps of a properly performed deadlift while being coached through their warm-ups and work sets. Similar to the squat session, attendees will learn how a correctly performed deadlift should look and feel when done according to the model.

After the deadlift practical session, we will return for a discussion of programming and how to identify and correct common technical problems. The camp will wrap up with a question and answer session. Whether you are just starting out with strength training, struggling with the basics of the lift, or looking to polish your technique and understanding of these movements, you will come away with valuable insights and experience to benefit your training. Attendance will be capped at eighteen to allow for individualized instruction.

Proper weightlifting shoes are highly recommended. They increase stability, control, and consistency in all of the lifts and should be considered essential equipment if barbell training is a priority. If participants use weightlifting belts, they are encouraged to bring them.  You are also encouraged to wear a 100% cotton shirt if possible or avoid wearing any slick/moisture wicking material.  Please also wear knee-high socks, or sweat pants to allow the barbell to contact the shins without causing abrasions.

Niki Sims has been a Starting Strength Coach since 2013. She is a Staff Member at Starting Strength camps and seminars and writes for Prior to becoming a Starting Strength coach, she spent many many many hours chasing dreams of being as skinny as someone else and having as many abs as “that girl.” Constantly feeling unfulfilled and stuck, it was in 2013 that she put a stop to her “CrossFit douchebaggery and started to fully appreciate true training and the process of getting strong” which has given her a healthier appreciation for her body and its capacity. She competes in Powerlifting and Strengthlifting with personal bests of a 290lb Squat, 116lb Press, 200lb Bench, 410lb Deadlift and a 92.5lb Weighted Chin-up. She also practices jiu jitsu. Niki coaches to help people become stronger and truly appreciate their abilities.

Pete Troupos has been a Starting Strength Coach since 2016. He works as a seminar staff coach in addition to coaching for Starting Strength Online Coaching. In 2014 he began to study and implement the Starting Strength method with his own training after dabbling in other, less effective modalities. Experiencing the efficacy of the program and forming a strong belief in the importance of strength training, he decided to make a change after a 20 year career in a corporate position and committed to becoming a Starting Strength Coach. He attended FPTI in New York to gain the scientific knowledge, while interning and coaching under the guidance of senior Starting Strength Coach Staff members Michael Wolf and Brent Carter. He has experience coaching clients of all populations and with various goals and skill levels, both individually and in a group setting. Pete believes effective strength training is essential whether the goal is independence, longevity or athletic performance, and wants to help as many people as he can to achieve these goals.

Carl Raghavan attended a Starting Strength seminar in 2014 and went on to become the first Starting Strength Coach in the UK. He has coached a variety of clients from all over the globe with a variety of backgrounds and training challenges. Carl is an active part of the Starting Strength community, attending the Starting Strength Coaches Association annually for the past 5 years. Carl's philosophy is based on leading by example – training is his lifestyle and his been his passion for the past decade. He is a full time Starting Strength Coach and has been based out of Physical Culture Gym in Putney, South London for the past 3 years. His current best lifts are Squat 250kg, Bench 160kg, Deadlift 260kg Press 125kg.




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