The Squat – November 3, 2019, Singapore


Starting Strength Squat Training Camp

Coaches:  Shaun Pang and Joannes Marvin

Date & Location:
Sunday, November 3, 2019
2 pm – 6 pm

Hygieia Strength & Conditioning
34 Haig Road
Singapore 438739
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Spend the day learning the theory and practice of the low bar back squat with Starting Strength Coaches Shaun Pang and Joannes Marvin. The session will begin with a lecture focused on the basics of the movement and will include a discussion of the anatomy and forces at work in the lift. We will move into a practical session with plenty of time under the bar for all the lifters. Participants will have an opportunity to put into practice the concepts addressed in the lecture while receiving coaching through their warm up and work sets. Through the entire process, attendees will learn the hallmarks of a properly executed squat and how it should look and feel when it is performed correctly. After the practical session, we will return for a discussion of programming and how to identify and correct common technical problems. The camp will wrap up with a question and answer session.

Whether you are just starting out with strength training, struggling with the basics of the lift, or looking to polish your technique and understanding of these movements, you will come away with valuable insights and experience to benefit your training. Attendance will be capped at eight to allow for individualized instruction.

Proper weightlifting shoes are highly recommended. They increase stability, control, and consistency in all of the lifts and should be considered essential equipment if barbell training is a priority. If participants use weightlifting belts, they are encouraged to bring them. You are also encouraged to wear a 100% cotton shirt if possible or avoid wearing any slick/moisture wicking material.


Shaun Pang is the first Starting Strength Coach in Southeast Asia and is the owner of Hygieia Strength & Conditioning, the only Starting Strength Affiliate Gym outside of the U.S. Shaun believes that everyone can and should endeavour to be stronger as strength is crucial to one’s wellbeing. Being in the fitness industry since 2008, he has used a variety of training methodologies to coach his clients – out of the many used, barbell training made the biggest change to his client’s health and quality of life. Witnessing first-hand the measurable changes it made to his client’s lives cemented Shaun’s belief in the efficacy of strength training with barbells. He now fully dedicates himself to coaching the barbell lifts and enjoys working with the population that needs strength the most – older adults.

Marvin started coaching barbell training at Hygieia Strength & Conditioning Singapore in 2018 and earned his Starting Strength Coach credential after attending his first Starting Strength Seminar in May 2019. Marvin’s passion for barbell training stemmed from his pursuit to get stronger and bigger. Being skinny for most of his life, he started weight training in 2009 when he moved to Singapore. He spent several years trying out various programs with little success until he discovered Starting Strength – it was through following the Starting Strength program that Marvin fulfilled his goal of getting stronger and putting on muscle. Having experienced the program’s efficacy first hand, he was convinced that it could help many others achieve the same goal.