Deadlift & Clean – August 20, 2022, Indianapolis, IN


Starting Strength Deadlift and Clean Training Camp

Coach:  Andrew Lewis

Date & Location:
Saturday, August 20, 2022
11:30 am – 4:30 pm

Three Kings Athletics – Keystone
3625 E 96th St, UNIT B
Indianapolis, IN 46240


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Spend the day improving your performance on the Deadlift and Power Clean with Starting Strength Coach Andrew Lewis.

The camp will focus on good execution of the lifts, the practical aspects of performing the lifts, and how they fit into a training program. Participants will spend lots of time on the platform receiving coaching and instruction on the deadlift and power clean in a small group setting. Lifters will learn the 5 Step Deadlift Setup while being coached through their warm-ups and work sets. Through the process, attendees will learn the hallmarks of a properly executed deadlift and how it should look and feel when it is performed correctly. Participants will go through the practical portion of the deadlift and then take a short break.

Following the break, the coach will discuss the Starting Strength model of the power clean. The skills developed in the deadlift, including the use of a vertical bar path off the floor, will be applied to the power clean. Similar to the squat session, attendees will learn how a correctly performed power clean should look and feel when done according to the model.

After the practical session, we will return for a discussion of programming and how to identify and correct common technical problems. The camp will wrap up with a question and answer session. Whether you are just starting out with strength training, struggling with the basics of these lifts, or looking to polish your technique and understanding of these movements, you will come away with valuable insights and experience to benefit your training. Attendance will be capped at eight to allow for individualized instruction.

What to Bring

Proper weightlifting shoes are highly recommended. They increase stability, control, and consistency in all of the lifts and should be considered essential equipment if barbell training is a priority. If participants use weightlifting belts, they are encouraged to bring them. Participants are also encouraged to wear a 100% cotton shirt, if possible, and knee-high socks or sweatpants to allow the barbell to contact the shins without causing abrasions.


Andrew Lewis is a Starting Strength Coach, mechanical engineer, and Brazilian Jiujitsu purple belt. He keeps your results in mind at all times and makes sure you and he are working toward your goals. Andrew is easy to talk to and puts you at ease. You shouldn’t feel intimidated trying to better yourself, and gyms can often feel that way. You don’t ever feel like that with him. He owns and operates Blackmetal Strength Training in Cuayhoga Falls Ohio and will be opening Starting Strength Indianapolis in 2022.