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Starting Strength for Personal Trainers Workshop – February 3, 2024 Long Island, NY

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This Workshop introduces fitness instructors and personal trainers to the fundamentals of the Starting Strength method of barbell strength training.

Instructors: Inna Koppel and Chris Palladino

Date & Location:
Saturday, February 3, 2023
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Professional Athletic Performance Center
645 Stewart Ave
Garden City, NY 11530
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Event Details

The Starting Strength for Personal Trainers Workshop introduces fitness instructors and personal trainers to the fundamentals of the Starting Strength method of barbell strength training, including the theory and practice of strength training, the barbell exercises, and programming. This workshop presents an alternative to the conventional approach to personal training by focusing on the acquisition of strength through loaded human movement patterns, not body parts/muscle groups/aesthetics, as the primary objective for higher-level clients.

Starting Strength Coaches Inna Koppel and Chris Palladino will lead the workshop and cover topics such as defining the variables of strength training, anatomy and physiology, mechanics, the stress/recovery/adaptation cycle, loaded human movement patterns, incremental increases, exercise vs. training, and the Novice Effect. We will also discuss the details of the Starting Strength method, including the exercises, programming, modifications for different demographics, and the four aspects of coaching. All attendees will have the opportunity to perform and coach the deadlift.

What sets this workshop apart is its potential to profoundly reshape your personal training business, equipping you with an innovative approach to training and a range of new skills to significantly enhance your clients’ results. The workshop will conclude with an informative discussion on the cutting-edge two-factor model of sports performance, real-world examples, emerging career opportunities, and an engaging Q&A session. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts of strength training and how to implement them in their training programs. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of attendance for this 7 contact hour course.

Please note that there are no prerequisites for attending this course.

Who Should Attend?

  • Fitness instructors and personal trainers seeking a comprehensive introduction to Starting Strength and practical application of its systematic strength training method.
  • Healthcare professionals such as PTs/PTAs, chiropractors, exercise physiologist, RNs and dietitians looking to become more well versed in strength training
  • New strength coaches starting out in the industry.
  • Starting Strength lifters who are interested in learning to coach so they can help family and friends more effectively.

Special Discount

Personal trainers / fitness instructors /physical therapists / related fields who are actively working in the industry are eligible to receive a $100 discount by submitting certification credentials, evidence of employment, or personal trainer insurance. Submit documentation to workshop@startingstrength.com to receive a coupon code for this event.


Inna Koppel has been a Starting Strength Coach since 2014. She established the first Starting Strength Affiliate Gym on Long Island. Her primary area of expertise is coaching women, ranging from teens to late-life, including perinatal training, with a particular interest in the elderly and frail. Inna’s interest in using barbells to help the elderly achieve a better quality of life led her to assist in implementing, in collaboration with neuroscientists, the first and only trial of barbell training in the dementia population. After the COVID-19 policies in New York forced her to close her Affiliate Gym, she has been tasked with identifying and developing coaching talent to ensure that Starting Strength continues to develop the industry’s most talented and experienced coaches. Inna’s expertise lies in assisting veterans and aspiring Starting Strength coaches in their career development and educational pursuits.

Christopher Palladino is a Physical Therapist, Starting Strength Coach and the owner and operator of Stronger Physical Therapy, a garage-based gym located in Bellmore, NY. Chris has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Hofstra University, M.S. in Exercise Science from Adelphi University, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Institute of Technology in 2020. Chris has been working in the fitness industry since 2007 as a personal trainer, manager, and sports performance coach and has been training the barbell method since 2014. As a Starting Strength coach, Chris teaches the method to groups and individuals of all ages, in person and online as well as running Starting Strength Camps in his local area. Regarding online coaching, Chris works with athletes of all abilities and specifically individuals with a wide variety of injuries that require special attention. With two degrees in exercise science and a passion for strength and conditioning, his mission as a physical therapist is to integrate his knowledge as a health care professional with his love for barbell training.

3 reviews for Starting Strength for Personal Trainers Workshop – February 3, 2024 Long Island, NY

  1. Kurt Krause

    An excellent workshop from Mark and the entire gang at SS Katy- If you have never done any research on the Starting Strength Method, I highly recommend that you pick up the books and take in what amounts to be a large volume of information completely dissected explaining his method of teaching the barbell skills. Everything he teaches has a “Why we do it this way” and is backed by years of experience and solid results. Once you have done that you will never look at the lifts he teaches the same way. There is a simple method to his madness…get stronger and live longer. Or at least live a better life while defying the tired adage- “You’re too (Insert old, frail, weak, etc) to be lifting heavy weights”. Dog tracks in the snow here…(Might need to GTS). [Reviewing September 23, 2023 workshop]

  2. Debbie Annino

    This lifting camp for personal trainers was awesome! It was totally worth the 3 hour drive! The amount I learned from the two coaches that day was great! Great information given on how and why the SS program works! I enjoyed the platform time lifting and learning to coach the lift…. I would recommend!! [Reviewing October 21, 2023 workshop]

  3. cwilliamsfit

    Great workshop! The lecture was very informative, but getting a chance to coach was really helpful. Inna and Chris were great. I look forward to the next one! [Reviewing October 21, 2023 event]

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Can I attend if I’m not an active personal trainer?

Absolutely! Although the workshop is primarily aimed at personal trainers, we encourage anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Starting Strength methodologies to participate. This could be useful for strength coaches, fitness enthusiasts, or those contemplating a profession in personal training.

Is Continuing Education (CE) available?

Our Starting Strength workshops can be used towards 7 Continuing Education hours (0.7 CEUs) for certified personal training programs, such as NASM & AAFA. Attendees who actively participate throughout the weekend will receive a completion certificate at the end of the workshop. For other certifications, we recommend contacting your governing body to understand their procedures and requirements for documenting attendance. We are prepared to provide any additional information your organization may require. This often includes verifying your attendance, documenting the course hours, providing a description of the course, and/or offering information on the credentials of the course instructors.

What should I bring?

Attendees should be prepared with the following items for the workshop: training shoes, training clothes including a cotton t-shirt, long socks or long pants or sweats for the deadlift session (note that these must be stretchy to prevent interference with movement). Writing materials to take notes is recommended. As this is a full-day workshop, we recommend bringing food and drinks to keep you energized throughout the day.