Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training DVD
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Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training DVD

NOTE: Our DVD is available at no cost via YouTube. We're selling the remaining stock of DVDs to those who'd prefer to have a disk copy.

The first book of its kind, Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training provides detailed instruction in the five basic barbell exercises. This companion video adds to the impact of the book by demonstrating the correct technique for the squat, press, bench press, deadlift, and power clean as performed by athletes under the direction of Mark Rippetoe. See the most important barbell exercises correctly executed, along with corrections of the most common problems encountered in learning them.



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Run Time: 2 hr 27 min

Audio track is split into right and left tracks, if your system is stereo, you must make sure that both channels are being played.

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  • Rating 5/5 Stars.
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D. Nox (Mississippi) - September 5th 2010
I hadn't worked out in over 20 years. I wanted to get back into lifting but wanted to learn the correct methods.
I'm older now and didn't want to hurt myself with bad technique. When I first popped this into my DVD player I said "what the....".
It's just the basic weight lifting moves. Bench, squat, press ect.
Then I listened to what the trainer was saying and realized that was all that mattered.

I realized that what I had been taught years ago by the local gym know-it-alls and others were wrong.
Don't look at the quality of the video listen and watch what is being taught here. It would cost hundreds for an experienced personal trainer to teach you what you will learn in this DVD.
It's better to learn correct technique now than try to fix it later.

I'm very satisfied and I think you can learn something from this video if you are a beginner or have been lifting all your life.
The video also features ladies learning too. So women should enjoy this also if they want to learn how to properly lift